Real Herbs Ginger-Root Extract 5:1 - 700Mg/Cap - 50 Vegetarian Caps
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Real Herbs Ginger Root Extract - Derived from 3500mg of Ginger Root with 5:1 Extract Strength - Reduces Nausea & Gastric Discomfort - 50 Vegetarian Capsules - Gluten Free

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  • $30.90

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  • HIGHEST DOSAGE PER CAP ON AMAZON: Real Herbs boasts of the highest dosage of 700 mg ginger root extract per capsule on Amazon for potency and efficacy. Ginger Root Extract PE 5:1 Equal to 3500mg of Pure Ginger. Each 5mg of ginger root is potently extracted to produce 1mg of ginger root extract.
  • HELPS REDUCE INFLAMMATION: Ginger Root has a compound called gingerol help in reducing bodily inflammations and the pain it causes. Real Herbs Ginger Root 700mg is an excellent natural alternative to synthetic pills.
  • REDUCES NAUSEA & GASTRIC DISCOMFORT: Real Herbs Ginger Root Extract capsules provide a natural relief against the discomfort of nausea. Ginger naturally neutralizes the secretion of gastric juices, thereby reducing excessive acidity in the stomach that causes that feeling of "sickness". Ginger Root supplement in capsules is used conveniently to promote gastric gas emptying to prevent bloating and discomfort.
  • GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES CERTIFIED: Produced by Good Manufacturing Practices certified and Food and Drug Administration approved facilities, Real Herbs on producing the best of nature’s bounty in the form of a pure and all-natural supplement. Real Herbs aims to let you achieve a healthy mind and body so you can be the best version of you in a natural way – the Real way.
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: As we are confident of the efficacy of Real Herbs Ginger Root Extract, all purchases are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee should you be unsatisfied. Our products are potent for 2 years from manufacture date.  
Ginger has been named as one of the healthiest herbs. Real Herbs gives you a natural way to improve your overall health through our supplements.

Choosing the Way of Nature: The Real Herbs Ginger Root Extract Difference

Real Herbs Ginger Root Extract Supplement is made from pure Ginger Root Extract. We aim to provide you the optimum benefits of ginger without the hassle of having to prepare it yourself. Made from all natural and purified ginger roots, Real Herbs Ginger Root Extract relieves nausea and promotes the emptying of gastric gasses that usually gives a feeling of bloating and discomfort. Ginger for nausea is a very well-known remedy in various cultures.

Ginger is the primary source of gingerol, zingerone, and shogoal, the anti-inflammatory components and antioxidants that contribute to the many benefits of Ginger capsules. Ginger root powder also contains chromium, magnesium, and zinc that aids in improving blood flow. Taking it an hour before traveling may also lower the risk of nausea and motion sickness. Ginger powder is also considered a natural expectorant that is continually being used today to break down phlegm.

Real Herbs Supplements continues to uphold the integrity of our products by choosing only the best ingredients derived from herbs that grow in their natural habitat. We consider it a constant goal to ensure that supplements are as pure as possible; hence, we do not use any chemical excipients in the preparation of the products. We stand by the principle that all our products should be sourced naturally and manufactured without any synthetic ingredients to ensure natural goodness. We are proud to provide you with unadulterated natural products that are safe, potent and true to their claim, hence, the name Real Herbs. You will certainly get what you pay for as we give you the highest quality of nature’s bounty for your money’s worth!

Choose the Way of Nature. Choose Real Herbs.

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